Dogecoin News – The next update of Dogecoin will release many changes and leaks of details.

Dogecoin News - The next update of Dogecoin will release many changes and leaks of details.
Dogecoin News

Dogecoin News


  • Dogecoin’s upcoming 1.46.6 update will bring a lot of changes
  • Features are divided into, “must have” and “can”.
  • Improved wallet security, including better handling of address messages

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Even before the launch, Dogecoin receives new updates shared on its Twitter handle. This handle has also shared a GitHub link for this project update. This Dogecoin project was updated to 1.14.6, which was only released this summer. This update includes improved wallet security changes, fixes for DOGE security vulnerabilities, fixes for known Bitcoin (BTC) vulnerabilities, reduced cost of using Dogecoin Core Wallet, improved handling of address messages, and more.

Dogecoin news watch handle Doug Whisperer shared details about Dogecoin’s upcoming 1.46.6 update in a tweet on June 5. According to the tweet, the upcoming 1.14.6 update of DodgeCoin is planned to be written by Patrick Lauder, the lead developer of the project. The handle also shared a screenshot with details of the update’s changes.

Dogecoin News – Dogecoin will release many changes and leaks of details.

The changes made in this screenshot are divided into three categories: “must have”, “must have” and “must have”. There are some “must have” changes that need to be fixed before the update is released. There are some “urgent” changes that don’t need to be added in this update, but the team still needs to do their best to add them. Lastly, there are some “potential” changes that don’t necessarily need to happen, but could be included in this update or the next.

With regards to the changes, the screenshots show the most requested changes, including enhanced wallet security, fixing potential DOGE vulnerabilities, fixing known Bitcoin (BTC) vulnerabilities, cheaper use of the Dogecoin Core wallet, wait address messages, and more. Simple and easy-to-use Gitian Script.

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Less urgent plans include dependency updates, critical cleanup, etc. Speaking of “worth it” factors, this includes better system performance and latent entropy, better cleanup modules, and compile cleanup.

A link to GitHub was also shared in the tweet, the details of which are given here.

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