Dogecoin Price | Crypto Whale Buys Dogecoin Worth About Rs 440 million
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Dogecoin Price


  • A whale named Scarlet Witch bought 400 million.
  • At the time of purchase, its price was around $ 31.66 million (about Rs 247 crore).
  • At the time of purchase, it was the 74th largest wallet holder on the Binance smart chain.

Crypto Whale Buys Dogecoin Worth About Rs 440 million – Dogecoin Price

The price of Dogecoin has fallen over the past few days, and crypto-currencies are trying to exploit it. We often see great deals in crypto whales, one of which is Scarlet Witch. Whale bought 400 million Dodgers (approximately Rs 40 crore), which is estimated at $31.66 million (approximately Rs 247 million) at the time of purchase.

Dogecoin Price

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According to the Crypto Whale Statistics Forum, Scarlet Wizard has purchased 400 million Dogecoins worth $31.66 million. The purchase was made on Friday, June 10th and the transaction fee is $0.11.

At the time of purchase, the platform proved to be the 74th largest wallet on the Binance Smart Chain.

This shard is the largest (~81%) of the BTCB tokens. At the time of writing, Whale held $44,678,168 worth of BTCB tokens. At that point, 3.49% of AAVE tokens and WazirX tokens (WRX) will cover 11% of wallets.

Dogecoin Price

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As of the writing of the news, the price of Mim Coin in India is Rs 4.78 crore. The price of Dodge Coin is down 91% to its all-time high, but is up 5% in the last 24 hours.